Please find on this page a fairly extensive listing of some of the services we offer/provide. 
This list is non-exhaustive and we can perform other services not listed. 
To enquire further please see the Contact Us tab.
Clock Sales / Repairs 
  • We sell a large range of wall and alarm clocks. For brands see Brands tab.
  • We also have a clock repairer who can fulfil a majority of services in relation including servicing and fitting a new movement at his own workshop.


  • Time: Can vary between 2 weeks to 6 months dependant on complexity 
Watch Sales / Repairs (Resident or Source) 
  • We sell a wide variety of watches brand new and pre-owned. For brands see Brands tab.


  • We offer battery changes, most of which can be performed on site. If more specialised we will send to our resident watchmaker. Battery change charges start from £8 


  • We have a local watchmaker who can perform services including: Servicing (quartz, automatic, wind-up, new and vintage watches), Resetting of digits, hands and batons. Regulation and other.  


  • We can adjust straps or bracelets of most watches on site starting from £5

  • If your watch is sent to our resident watch maker we provide a free estimate service to assess the issue of function then provide a price to fix this.


  • We can send a lot of watches back to source including all Swatch Group watches (e.g. Omega, Longines, Rado) We can also send Tag Heuer to source as well as other brands, please enquire or call if you want to check if we can send your watch back to source for service, battery or waterproof test. If we send your watch back to source please note, although we will provide an estimate free of charge, we will charge a postage/handling charge. 


  • Any other brands such as Cartier or Rolex we can send back to accredited workshops such as TWR or Locker Hull & Thornton.


  • We sell individual batteries also.


Sale and Changing Watch Straps
  • We stock and sell a wide variety of watch straps starting from £7.95.


  • We are able to fit most watch straps on premises.


  • We can order a strap in for your watch if available in our physical catalogue and dependant on availability and time/day ordered should arrive in a minimum of 3 working days. 


  • Straps can be adjusted on premises. 


  • We offer a professional restringing service. 


  • Restringing usually takes around 3-4 weeks after leaving your item. 


Jewellery Sales
We stock and sell:


  • Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & more

  • Stones: Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, & many more


  • Items: Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Bangles, Bracelets, Lockets, Christening gifts & more


  • We will listen to all sensible enquiries and do our best to source those items. A deposit may be needed for some items.


Jewellery Repairs
We offer:


  • Ring sizing


  • Custom ring and jewellery making and design


  • Stone setting


  • Jewellery refurbishment


  • Professional cleaning


  • Chain repairs


  • And much more (we are able to either do or at the very least advise on most items of jewellery)


Valuations for Insurance
  • We provide a service for writing a written valuation for insurance. The charge for this is 1% of the overall cost of the valuation (The Total) or £20 Minimum.


  • A rough verbal valuation can also be given within reason.


Purchase of Gold, Silver, Watches, etc..
  • We will purchase your old scrap Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium for cash or cheque.


  • We consider watches.


  • We consider coins (gold and silver)


  • We may except scrap gold for payment/part-payment of another service.


  • We will always be more than happy to take a look and often take pride in assisting our local charities with identifying items. 


  • If you think it may be worth something or even not, we are always happy to help, look and advise. 
Customer Secondhand
  • We offer a service of sale for items of jewellery and watches.


  • This service is performed with in-store display.


  • All pieces must be inspected and checked before put out for sale. We operate on a 25% commission fee upon sale of item.


  • No charge will be asked for display and you are free to withdraw your item before sale. 


  • We may rarely, from time to time, cleanse our secondhand customer owned items and may ask you pick up your item before it has sold. 
Odd Jobs
  • We can provide a service for odd jobs, within reason.This may include:


  • Cementing Pearls


  • Watch Lug Replacement


  • Strap Adjustment for Watches Link/Bracelet


  • Adjustment for Watches


  • Stone Identification


  • Simple repairs


  • Some costume jewellery repairs


  • Etc...